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One person responsible for all this crankiness?

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Doug Barr

Whistler B.C


What was BCUC thinking?

What could possibly have led the British Columbia Utilities Commission to think they could get away with massively increasing the use of Burrard Thermal and the tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions it creates? Do the commissioners not recall the public's total rejection of the Duke Point power scheme just a few short years ago?

Burrard Thermal is not the answer to British Columbia's electricity needs. There are far better, far cleaner power generating technologies available. We don't need to be burning natural gas and releasing carbon to generate electricity in British Columbia considering all of the clean power resources we have available to us. The public simply will not support the increased use of Burrard Thermal and its climate destroying emissions.

Michael McBratney

Port Moody, B.C.

Shut out

My concerns started years ago when I discovered the electro-magnetic field on the north side of the Signal Hill School was beyond the safe for human health limit. I approached a parents meeting regarding school concerns, expressed mine, but was "shut out" with nobody showing any interest in what I felt was a problem. Inherent mold was the main concern.

The school was moved a few years later; apparently the mold was "good luck" for the kids.

Not many towns have high voltage hydro transmission lines running right through them, this is poor planning, but alas we cannot turn back the clock.

This brings up the new bike park and what may be the site of the Pemberton Skateboard Park. You people all love your children.You would not conscientiously feed your kids a "C" pill each day before school, so then why are you so willing to allow them to have an extended "C" snack every day after school? Come on.... You can do better! How about beside the medical clinic, it is close for band-aids.

Seriously, why don't you consider asking B.C. Hydro to bury the transmission lines on their path through town. Ten feet down in a large tech cable, the lines would not lose 8-10 per cent of their power to rain down on your beloveds, let alone all these new projects you have coming up on the books. This would be expensive, but it probably won't get any cheaper in the future.

Bottom line: please, don't let your kids or yourselves play under the hydro lines, or you could all be, "Shut out of luck". You've got to set up a new recreational site for these great projects or accept the consequences.

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