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Richard Klinkhamer   


Making Whistler world go round

Re: Who pays for free parking? (Pique letters July 30)

Leave it to a right-of-centre fiscally responsible citizen to point out the environmental tie in to this issue. Ask Mr. Stephen Harper what he's done for the environment lately. What happened to Kyoto by the way?

Many of us are trying to figure out how to just park for work or groceries. With our minimal budgets that allow us to simply live and worship this mountain of ours, consider that the $2 from our $20 shopping budget might just be the difference of a tuna sandwich or Mr. Noodles. I think many locals could benefit more from the tuna sandwich, all those great nutrients! Cars may not be necessities, but tell that to someone in Emerald who's lost their third job in six months because the bus didn't show up, again.

Here we are, the locals, making the world go around in Whistler, the heart of the community, and people want to bitter us even more? Whistler once had a mindset that was the beauty of this town. Over the last 10 years this place has become Disneyland. The heart that made this place has slowly been replaced, manufactured when it was once real and genuine.

I think that quite possibly the biggest issues may rise from the fact that China had billions to do their Olympics, their economy allowed for an epic ceremony, and Canada is right after. Have we made sure our egos are in check, and are we being realistic?

As for the parking, do what communities like White Rock do - give out passes to the community based on proof of residency and/or employment. Charge a minimal administrative fee if you have to but stop jerking around the people who really make this town what it is. Unfortunately we may just be too far gone, and the proof is the lack of anything Barely Whistler. A legacy has passed!

Jeff Montgomery


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