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‘Where families gather?’

Love it or hate it, the Rainbow development is finally taking shape. My partner and I bought in this past May after five years on the WHA housing list. We look forward to moving in this November.

Rainbow "where families gather" is the slogan in the ad so you can imagine my concern when I received an e-mail last week notifying me that there was a Temporary Commercial Use Permit in application with the RMOW - for 150,000 sq/ft of trailers housing 1,600 security personnel in the northern Whistler neighbourhood.

This highlights some very real concerns:

• 1,600 people coming from far and wide plunked for several months in a residential neighbourhood. Highest density of anywhere outside of downtown Vancouver, with all the potential social issues associated with those population concentrations.

• Unknown level of training and professionalism from private security force. This is not RCMP or military.

• Food, supplies, and waste management trucks can only operate between midnight and 6 a.m.

• The camp will have 24/7 lighting outside of each entry door and all pathways are required to be lit at all times.

• Extra refrigeration for food will be in reefer trucks that will be idling 24/7.

• The camp will be brought in on 250 to 300 truckloads.

• The camp will take three months to set up with cranes, forklifts, lights and crews.

• The camp will take a month and a half to dismantle as per above. Approximately five months of assembling and disassembling all together.

• As many as 30 buses to transport security guards operating 24 hours a day.

• 50-plus passenger vans all operating 24 hours a day.

• Excess demand on facilities like McKeever's, Meadow Park and Transit between Alpine, Rainbow, Emerald and the village.

• Increase in potential terrorist target. Unlikely but it must be factored. As should the environmental concerns around trucking/spillage of wastewater.

• CSC is an American Security firm hiring an American Logistics company (as a temporary accommodation provider) for Canada's Games.

I would like to point out that these are not "anti-Olympic" concerns. In fact, I will be housing two volunteers during the Games.

From my understanding of stories in Pique , the town of Pemberton has an appropriate site in the industrial park and has already approved the project.

Please support the residents of Whistler north who oppose this project at the next council meeting on Oct. 20th.

Andrew Haig



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