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Re: Olympic Luger slams anti-Olympic feelings

Like most others, I was shocked and dismayed by hearing about this incident. But not about what happened at Meadow Park as much as having to endure this young woman's self-centred, poisonous diatribe about Whistler and its residents.

I am asking, where are the coaches and spokesperson(s) for the Canadian Olympic team in all this? Do they not also coach the athletes in how to talk to the media? How to best represent their country?

The residents of Whistler and Vancouver have endured years of construction and disruption to their personal and professional lives in order to have these "Games" take place on time and also to have our country look good during that time. This can lead to feelings of frustration on the part of some of the residents, and are also quite understandable. But to hear and read about this prima donna whining and whinging about how someone wasn't nice to her "in the playground" is too much to bear for this resident.

She states that she represents Canada. Well, if the Games were anywhere else would she say the same things about her hosts? Then represent us in a diplomatic fashion. If she cannot manage to do so then she should kindly keep her thoughts out of the public forum.

If a pro hockey player were to speak this way, they would find themselves being admonished by their coach, penalized and possibly fined by their team. But this is the difference between a "professional" and "amateur" athlete, I guess.

Chris Field



Olympic 'harassment' embarrassing

I was embarrassed and ashamed to see on the news that a Canadian Olympic athlete was harassed at a local gym.

I have been here 11 years and love and respect our town, but to see this report, along with negative comments about the Olympics, on national TV was a painful event.

The Olympics have raised fear and apprehension since the announcement we won them. Yes this can be a giant step forward for our little town, and scary at that, but to harass a fellow Canadian, who is living a dream to represent our country, in a town built by previous Olympic athletes is painful to hear about.

I hope that we can all put aside our fears and respect those that dedicate their lives to make this dream a reality, to mount the podium and hear the national anthem and swell with pride knowing that not only have we won medals but insured our jobs and future as a world class resort. We can all put our fears behind us and make these athletes feel at home while they live and train here, and at the moment of victory know we helped not just them but brought Olympic pride to a wonderful nation.

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