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‘Where families gather?’

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Lorne Dickson



Fairytales and Games

Some Vancouver people are saying that spending money on fixing up city hall should not be done in these trying times. Would that they gave the same concern for the much larger amount flowing to the Olympics on which lots of money is being spent.

There is a fairytale out there saying that if we all use less power and buy a pair of mittens it will pay for the Games. Does anyone believe that? These trials are an expense beyond imagination for reasons beyond understanding. Why would anyone want it?

In case anyone was thinking the Olympics needed money, a certain beer company is giving money to the cause if you buy their beer. Help is everywhere. Of course we the people will pay it all. Beer, mitts, taxes. Lots of taxes.

Terry Smith

Garibaldi Highlands


Trust in the free Marketplace lot

We all agree that there is no such thing as "free parking."

When the conference centre was built in the '80s it was built with the condition that they build parking. This parking has already been bought and paid for.

One could argue that the muni has to pay staff to monitor the three-hour rule. However, a private company has been ticketing for years at Marketplace. Somehow they can sustain this without charging for parking and obviously make a profit, so I see no excuse as to why the city couldn't do similar.

This needs to end before people just say "forget it" to Whistler - especially day trippers from the local markets..

All the expenses add up. This is the topper to deter someone from eating out or purchasing something from one of the local retailers.

PS; I was in Vancouver recently and had paid for 1.5 hours worth of parking thinking this would be enough time to have a quick bite to eat. Little did I know how busy things were and how long the food would take. Next thing you know I am totally not enjoying my lunch because I am worried about getting back to the meter. Whistler is a place to relax from this type of crap that one might expect from a city. Please! Stop the madness!

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