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Next steps to China

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We look forward to working with others in Whistler and the corridor, and adding value to the uphill journey of getting to approved destination status.

William Roberts

President, The Whistler Forum


IOC lost in time, space

Thank you so much for the article by G.D. Maxwell about the IOC "rationalization" of disallowing women's ski jumping as an Olympic Sport.

Wow! I didn't realize how far behind the times the IOC was until just a couple of years ago. I just thought I kept missing the television coverage of women's ski jumping at the Olympics. I could hardly believe it when I read that women were not allowed to compete as Olympians in ski jumping.

I was 10 when I went off my first ski jump. No one told me not to. In fact, my parents used to watch me. It was a six-foot homemade wooden jump on a neighbourhood ski hill. The boys were doing it, it looked like fun, so I did too. I loved it!

I went off "just like" The Wide World of Sports on TV. It was 1969, you see. I loved the feeling of "flying." Ski jumping is the closest thing to flying without getting into an airplane.

I am 50 years old now. I would think the IOC would've made the correct decision a very long time ago. I hope I live to see women's ski jumping as an Olympic sport.

P.S. Does the IOC know there are women astronauts? And women doctors, and women lawyers, and women prime ministers, and...

Sue Martinell

Sultan, WA, USA


The new neighbours

You never know who you're going to get when someone new is moving in next door and when there are 500 or so new neighbours well, you might think this could be a real crapshoot.

So it was a great surprise to see the spirit and resolve of some of the people in this group to get council to vote to move the asphalt plant. You folks have certainly impressed me. Your health concerns are completely correct because when a cloud of half-baked carcinogenic hydrocarbons descends on your house you know it's dangerous.

Before the plant was moved to its present location it was about the same distance away from my house as it is now from the athletes' village and when that cloud descended it made the worst day in Mexico City look like a bluebird day on the peak.

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