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Welcome to the neighborhood.

Lyall Fetherstonhaugh



Interesting people, but...

Congrats on the story (Making friends in Whistler, Pique Dec. 3). I agree it is hard to make new friends at Whistler.

I have been here most of the time for a few months, having retired at 59. There are many excellent events and sports opportunities but all provide little opportunity to actually meet and talk with strangers. For example the Whistler Film Festival gala had a special opening cocktail event, but for most gala attendees it was an open bar followed by an excellent Canadian film. But little opportunity for most to meet and socialize.

Whistler may need a social club like TGIF in Vancouver, where there is a schedule of events for singles. People show up to share an event or sport with no obligation beyond communicating with a smile.

There appears to be many interesting people here from all over the world doing their own thing but wanting a friend once in a while.

Michael Blaxland



Bratz Biz building on success

The spirit of the season is alive and well in our community. There was something different about Bratz Biz this year. No one could quite put a finger on it. The energy was warmer, there were more tantalizing scents in the air and each of the vendors' tables was more appealing. The kids, with the help of parents who understand the concept of Bratz Biz, are doing so much more. They could be hired as window dressers or secret shoppers for some of our local retailers. There is something special about having sparkle, without the glitz.

Bratz Biz co-founders, Laslett & Shrimpton, have challenges ahead. If the same number of vendors were to participate next year, there would have to be a greater variety of products to ensure satisfaction and success for each artisan. Starting the jury process earlier would help. Applications would have to be accepted on a first come, first served basis if quality met expectations. Once one or two products of the same type were accepted, applications would have to be rejected based on duplication only.

While Whistler Secondary School is a convenient venue for locals, it may not be the best for visitors or skier traffic. Vendors who have participated for more than one Bratz Biz are looking for a wider market for their products. Moving the event to the village, however, means raising more funds to meet operating costs.

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