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Road into Whistler is an embarrassment

Am I the only one that is embarrassed about the state of the road into Whistler?

Every day I drive into work, I am shocked at the state of the road from Function Junction into Whistler. It is really quite disgusting. We spend money on our "green," over-budget library that is sucking up our dollars to heat it. The only people to see that will be VANOC.

We spend our money on a bus terminal (right in the middle of town, pretty much) that is supposed to be "green." Yet the hydrogen has to be trucked across Canada? And the visitors aren't going to care about or see that either.

The Muni spends our money on jackets and books and other unnecessary things... and yet no one coming to the Olympics cares about that either.

What they will care about is the state of the road that they will be travelling. Having a patchwork, uneven road, with no painted lines, cones all over the place, laying down and standing up with snow in between.... What a mess! What an embarrassment! I don't know whose jurisdiction or decision this was, but it's awful.

Even the new section that they raised, the elevation of near Nordic, was having flooding problems yesterday.

I drive the road all the time and still am challenged to actually know where the lines are when it's pouring rain and dark. Even the section further south could use new line painting already. Other countries manage to have well defined lines, so I don't understand why our highways are so inadequately marked.

I wonder how many accidents we are going to see with the volume of traffic they are expecting? I truly would have thought we might have been able to present a nicer drive into our town than what we have there now! Embarassed? You bet I am!

PS. I just drove into work and without exaggeration there had to be 65-70 VANOC vehicles heading south. Granted the majority of them had two people in them (could have had five if they wanted to even attempt to be green) but my question is... why were they not bussed up here?

We are being told even if you have a place to park you should take the bus. From Pinecrest the number 11 bus is terminating at Alta Lake Road and we need to transfer to get into the village. They are saying this will be faster than driving as there will be too many vehicles on the road... Now I know who those vehicles will belong to.

Even more reason to be disgusted and embarassed.

Bobbi Sandkuhl

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