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Road into Whistler is an embarrassment

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It's not like this is the first time this small group of people have done this. Good for you Bob. And to the hard core wannabe racers, you have yet to apologize to Bob and others for the years of abuse you have given them for wanting to watch reruns of races you may have already seen or heard. Management, back up your staff; they know their jobs well, that's why most of us go to Dusty's in the first place.

Geoff Gerhart



Some answers on energy

Perry Beckham asks good questions about B.C.'s energy policy (Provincial policy not green, Pique letters Jan. 7) and I'll answer some of them.

The rationale for private development of small power projects (IPPs) in B.C. is that B.C. Hydro has no real experience with them, and unlike B.C. Hydro's projects, if the private sector overruns on project cost or schedule, the private sector eats it, not the ratepayer. As well, in the only apples-for-apples comparison I am aware of, the B.C. Utility Commission (BCUC) found in its decision of March 9, 2005 that the private sector proposal for Duke Point power was $100 million (present value) cheaper than B.C. Hydro's near identical proposal. This does not surprise me - simply put, large utilities (and I was a senior executive of three) are not always very good at small projects.

"Rivers we used to own"? Don't buy that claptrap from anti-private sector special interest groups. The B.C. government is not selling our rivers or water - IPPs lease the rights to use the water, for power generation only, for typically 40 years. The rights then revert to the crown. IPPs do not get title to the water and the NAFTA argument is a fraud. We won't pay "Southern California rates" for our IPP power, but rather the rates B.C. Hydro negotiates/offers and the BCUC accepts as reasonable. The BCUC reviews and approves (or rejects, as they have) all such contracts.

John Hunter, P. Eng.

President & CEO

J. Hunter & Associates Ltd.

North Vancouver


Homeless or under housed?

After recent articles and coverage on Whistler's homeless ("Whistler's homeless relocated ahead of Olympics," CBC Friday, Jan. 8, 2010; "Whistler's homeless forced to Squamish, Social Worker says," Vancouver Sun Jan. 9, 2010), I would like to add a couple of comments since it has been on the radar of the Whistler Healthy Communities Committee and Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) for a number of years.

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