Letters to the editor 

Climbing the ladder sitting down...

My name is Fraser Kennedy, the sit skier who went up Spanky's Ladder a few weeks ago. I'd like to thank Cindy for her kind and uplifting words in the letter she sent Pique (Letters to the editor, Jan. 28).

But as I read and re-read her letter I feel a strong need to clarify a few points. The idea of climbing the ladder was not mine but my instructor's, I just said "yes." The climb to the top was only made possible by the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program team, a few good friends, and a host of strangers who carried their gear. It was a piece of cake for me!

Make no mistake, my ski down was unbelievable! But then so is EVERY other day in Whistler. And it's not just the skiing; the goodwill and kindness towards guys like me is magnificent in Whistler.

So it gets me thinking, who's the source of inspiration here? Without the huge amount of skill, kindness and gritty determination of those involved in the WASP program and the warm appreciation that floods from the wider Whistler community, I simply wouldn't have had the opportunity or willpower to say "yes." Without all of these people - you people - that day on Spanky's simply wouldn't have happened.

So thanks to you all, but especially Gill, James, Glen, Sherree, John and all the WASP team. Is there one piece of advice I could give? Easy, say "yes" more everybody and see what unfolds in front of you.

PS: Cindy, I'm coming back in March, come ski with us!

Fraser "Fraz" Kennedy

York, UK


Clothes-minded Whistler

Re: Whistler's exotic dancer ban

With the Olympics coming to town, Whistler has ensured that short of a "wardrobe malfunction" there will be no public nudity at nightclubs, placing a resort wide ban on exotic dancers. They are now in line with former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm, who back in the early 1970s when he was the Mayor of Surrey sought to ban stripping from bars in that city.

What Surrey's council of the day failed to realize was that licensed establishments in B.C. were under the jurisdiction of the province's Liquor Control Board, not municipal governments and that this type of bylaw was unenforceable. Exotic dancing in Surrey continued and remains there today with groups such as Exotic Dancers for Cancer taking it off at various charity events.

It is interesting to note that while Whistler's mayor and council are attempting to ban stripping, they have taken no action to outlaw escort services or erotic massage providers, many of which provide sexual services at a price. I guess these hypocrites don't want to take all the fun out of a visit to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games for visitors from around the globe.

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