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Torch illuminates new perspective

As I watched the Olympic flame go past this week I suddenly welled up with emotions that I have not felt for a few years around this town. I realized in that moment that I had let myself become progressively more bitter towards the Games, especially in the last few months.

Living under the prawn-sandwich-eating, all-powerful, corporate thumb of VANOC has taken its toll on my Olympic spirit and I think I had come to really hate the Games. But the moment I saw that flame I knew that I did not hate the Olympics at all! I realized that I've loved the Olympics my entire life. I can't wait to see the athletes, their coaches and families, countries and fans roaming the village. It's gonna be so awesome and exciting.

Right then, with the flame just gone past, I blurted out for the first time, my new five-week life mission statement... "I refuse to allow my hatred of VANOC to ruin my love of the Olympics!" I will welcome the world's best. I will cheer our athletes who have dedicated their lives to represent me and our country. I will stand in the village and watch our boys show the world who really runs hockey.

The Olympics aren't about all the crap that's gone on around here the past few years. We're gonna win a shitload of medals this year and I deserve to enjoy every second of it. I've earned it.

Despite the best efforts of the organizing committee I will not have my Olympic spirit taken away from me! I'm tougher than you. I'm a Whistler local. I'll be welcoming the world here every weekend long after you're gone and then we'll park our cars wherever the hell we want!

Go Canada go.

Dallas Finn



Canadians for a day

Dear Whistler residents and Olympic organizers:

We spent two days in Vancouver and three at Whistler in order to preview the Olympic venues. We had a terrific time.  It was an honour to be "Canadians for a day" at your celebration when the Olympic torch came to town. Whistler is so beautiful, the restaurants meet any desire (love the crepes), the inns so accessible and, most importantly, your people friendly and helpful (thanks Welcoming Host Jane).

Based on our time there, we know both athletes and visitors will find Olympics 2010 a memorable and enjoyable experience. We hope you do also!

Sharene and Zac Elander

Anacortes, WA USA


It's late, but still idiotic

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