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Opening brings new perspective

I spent much of the last almost seven years with a frown on my face, a sour taste in my mouth with any mention of the Olympics. I was at home not even thinking about watching the opening ceremonies and then I talked with a friend and turned them on. Let me stress how much time I spent having a huge chip on my shoulder about the Olympics.

Not even a minute into the ceremonies I never felt so proud to be Canadian as I did then and now. I feel I have a new awakening in my outlook on the Olympic event. Imagine the Olympics as a moving corporation that every few years comes to a town near you. At the end of the day, no matter what your view or opinion about this corporation, it will come visit you.

Now comes the moment of truth, the fork in the road. You have the choice to spend your time while you are waiting for this corporation to reach you, in one of two ways: for it or against it. It really breaks down to these two views.

I spent the last seven years against it. Did I solve anything, did I bring a new awareness, is anything going to be carried forward to the next town from my actions? The answer to all of these questions is no. My name is forgotten come next Thursday when the new issue of Pique hits the stands.

What I realized is these Games are not about me, these Games are about all of us, even the bitter ones. This is the one time we have to come together and showcase the beautiful place we are so lucky to live in.

Here I am sitting in my living room and the world is right out in front of me. I am so lucky; I really had no idea.

Yeah, there will always be things that someone will like and dislike about something. But I have learned a lesson tonight and it was all about the approach. If I can just reach one opposing force in Russia my message is: at the end of the day you have to come to a realization that it's coming and there is nothing that will stop it. Embrace it and everyone try to work together on both sides of the fence. Examine the faults in the past cities and try to not let them happen to you. And look at ways of making improvements to the event.

But it has to be done in a positive, educated and professional way. Sitting in your living room being all mad and ranting is going to solve nothing and leave you bitter.

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