Letters to the editor 

And the tears rolled on

OK, there are quite a few good ones - most of which have been re-hashed in the press many, many times already. So I won't spend too much time on those, because I'm sure we all have our favorites.

Mine was less public, although I was able to share it with close friends. We were watching the hockey game over at Merlin's. We had set up the Kokanee Kabin on our patio - essentially a temporary special event tent, but decked out inside to have the appearance of a Canadian trapper's cabin complete with fireplace, a stuffed grizzly bear and of course the real Canadian moose head. Needless to say it became the Whistler Blackcomb "Hockey House" for all of the Olympic hockey games!

So as the story goes, there was two minutes to go in the game, Canada up 2-1, and I looked over by the fireplace to see a grown man - obviously having a patriotic moment - swaying slightly with beer in hand, staring at the TV with tears streaming down his face. It was touching and oddly comic all at once as the poor guy was near comatose.

Regardless, he carried on there for a few moments, up to the point where we all stopped breathing at once - including him - the moment where Zach Parise scored the tying goal for USA. Our mood and all appearances were completely changed. Our friend with the beer almost surely was also going through the same changes, although the cameras would never have caught it.

Upon taking his next breath and coming to grips with his new reality - you guessed it - he just kept on bauling.

The rest of the story goes pretty much as it did everywhere else in Canada. Almost an eternity later, and after many anxious minutes, we ALL exploded in jubilation. Most of us screamed and yelled and jumped around frantically hugging everyone in sight. And some of us just cried...

Paul Street



Our time to shine, and we did

Even two-thousand-and-ten "thank yous" would not be enough to express the appreciation that VANOC feels toward Whistler. Virtually everyone in this community played a role in the remarkable success of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Thank you to our brilliant blue "Smurf" volunteers, our Homestay hosts, information providers, hospitality and hotel sector, the Whistler Chamber, Tourism Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb and our truly wonderful partner in this adventure, the RMOW and all the great people who work there.

Together, we experienced a tragic start to these Games with the loss of Georgian luge athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili. But the compassion of this community was demonstrated by the constant presence of flowers, candles and words of condolence left at the memorial created in his honour.

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