Letters to the editor 

Council not listening

This letter was addressed to mayor and council. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

I decided to write this letter, because it appears that you need to hear from "everyone" in the community before you are going to get the message that we don't want our money spent on another party.

I hear it everyday in discussions, the community is against this frivolous spending of our money. Letters have been written, people have attended meetings, but the message doesn't appear to be sinking in.

We had an absolutely awesome experience through the Olympics and Paralympics. If this didn't enhance tourism and show the world what we have, this party you are planning certainly won't have any impact.

Please listen to what we are saying - we don't want our money spent on a party!

It will never live up to the Olympic/Paralympic party, nor the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival... so please give it up! There are so many other very necessary things this money could be spent on. If you can't figure out what they are, just ask the community... I'm sure you would get a lot of suggestions. Here are a couple of mine: WAG, another sheet of ice, better maintenance of the pool - the list could go on and on.

You already spent our money on your Olympic jackets. (Even part-time pool deck employees received one. I didn't realize a lifeguard needed an outdoor uniform!)

And who knows, your Olympic memory book for all the municipal staff could be at the printer right now. So your employees got what they wanted... now would you mind giving the community what we want please?

PS: Thanks Tom and Grant for listening.

Bobbi Sandkuhl



Thinking beyond sponge cake

I understand the need for the Post-Olympic party in order to keep the spotlight on this community for as long as possible in the interest of tourist dollars. However, I am wondering if a portion of that money could be turned into a Whistler Olympics 2010 Award for one or more deserving Grade 12 students who have shown exceptional talent in either athletics and/or academics. Applicants could be asked to write an essay on the Olympics' and Paralympics' legacy and impact. As an annual scholarship presented at graduation ceremony, a Whistler Olympics 2010 Award would have a much longer lasting effect than sponge cake and a few balloons and would be a way to keep the flame going in Whistler's youth.

Alison Wells



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