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No taxation, no representation

It's still not too late for the BC Liberal government to take the initiative and reinstate the municipal business vote to bring back some accountability in civic elections. Unfortunately the Local Government Elections Task Force could not reach a consensus on this issue, even after the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) supplied a 12-page submission to the group.

Until 1993, small businesses in BC enjoyed the opportunity to participate in civic elections and had a voice in how decisions were made regarding the assessment of taxes by voting for candidates that proposed fiscal responsibility as their platform. Unfortunately this right was removed by the government of the day and successive elected civic slates have imposed exorbitant property taxes on small businesses, employers that are the backbone of BC's burgeoning economic recovery.

Even local civic politicians have taken up the cause and are throwing their support behind this proposal. They realize that in order for their business communities to grow and prosper, a balance must be struck between residents and business interests.


Donald Leung



We're getting bears killed

After reading about the bears that were killed over the long weekend I finally had to take a stand and become part of the solution for our mountain friends.

Why is it that people are more interested in speaking up about the dog shit in Whistler than innocent animals with no voice that get killed because of dumb people? Don't forget that we live on their land and they were here way before Whistler became the skiing town it is now. What is it going to take for the black bears to be almost extinct? It makes me furious that people pull over on the side of the highway to get pictures and they are not held responsible for the bear's death. We need to fight for them and to have a law against stopping on the highway except for emergencies, with huge fines for those who break it. There should also be fines in Whistler for getting too close.

People that don't have their dog on a leash can get up to a $2,000 fine but someone that gets an animal killed because of their stupidity doesn't get anything.

I encourage everyone that has the same opinion about this topic to please write and voice your concerns. Take action and let's come together and make a difference. We have caused the problem with garbage, edible grass planted for the beauty of it, and now for our photo albums. Come on people, if Whistler doesn't start caring why would our worldly guests? Disappointed.

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