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No excuse for drunk driving

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David Buzzard



Just wondering

I wonder how much more it would have cost to move the portable asphalt plant five kilometres versus 150 metres? I would think that the main cost would be the disassembling and reassembling of the plant and the actual transportation cost would have been relatively minor.

I also wonder why one would consider rezoning this new location when it was considered an undesirable activity long before there was a Cheakamus Crossing?

Gary McDonnell



A vote for proportional representation

Andrew Mitchell has hit the nail squarely on the head (Pique 'n Your Interest June 24). In politics the big boys certainly don't like proportional representation, for that would give them a lesser showing than they have under the present lousy system. They also know that P.R. would commonly give us minority governments who would finally have to admit the need to co-operate since they were elected to be friendly to everyone, not just the few who voted for them.

The referendum on STV (done twice) had nothing to do with proportional representation and was only a pretense at reform - which we were promised a very long time ago. A promise that clearly was never intended to be fulfilled.

Instead, a slight variation on WAC Bennett's alternate voting system was engineered by delay, by appointing a committee that was coerced into putting forward that nonsense of having a second choice or worse, having some bean counter do it for you.

If anyone wanted to they could have looked at Scandinavia for a good example of how proportional representation has worked well for more than half a century. Election by riding needs to go the way of the Dodo. All legislatures need to go to proportional representation.

Surely by now no further investigation is needed.

Terry Smith

Garibaldi Highlands


A bridge too bizarre

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