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Who's nuts?

In response to Andy Wills's letter regarding the Squamish Commuter Bus (The Tipping Point, Pique letters Nov. 18), would someone please tell the Squamish commuters to pay their own way? The alternative is asking the District of Squamish to pay it for them. This may require you to (gasp) pay more taxes. I pay enough and I don't think because I live in Whistler that I should subsidize you to live in Squamish. Most Squamptons moved there to buy cheaper houses and pay less taxes. Well, you can't have me buy your cake so you can eat it.

Regarding Mr. Wills's comment towards the RMOW - "incompetence and lack of foresight" - are the local Squamish governments blameless? Instead of finger pointing, put your good intentions - the road to hell is paved with them - to good use and contact Mick Gottardi from the District of Squamish. He has a focus group working on the 2031 Multi-modal Transportation Plan, a 20-year road map to improve local traffic as well as north and southbound commuter issues of Squamptons. I hope you filled out the online survey. Is 20 years enough foresight?

My annual property tax bill is in the area of $4,000 for the house I built in 1987. I live in a strata, so I don't get snow clearing, utilities and road maintenance done by the Muni. That's another $2,100 per annum and I might add rather brilliant of the RMOW and the province to figure out a way to collect more taxes while supplying less service as we have denser housing than Fee Simple lots. And now I'm going to have to pay more? To quote Andy Wills, "Are you nuts? There's a recession on."

The RMOW has a shortfall and wants to raise their tax revenue and part of that shortfall is transit. So tell me again why I should pay higher taxes to lower Squamish Commuters' fares and their tax bills. One of the RMOW's cost cutting measures is to reduce our library's operating hours. So how about you pay to keep the hours the way they are and I pay to keep your fares down? "Problem solved!  You're welcome!"

Cathy Jewett


Transportation starts with communication

Sea to Sky Transit, the service between Squamish and Whistler, is in crisis. People in Whistler and Squamish use the buses to commute, shop, use government and medical services and for recreation. If you don't have a car you already know how important transit is. If you have no interest in using transit consider; each bus can remove over 30 cars from the traffic you drive in.

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