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Sacred cow?

Upon reflection of Councillor Forsyth's statement of not having any "sacred cows" within the quest for cutbacks; I am somewhat perplexed as to the existence of the "Centre for Sustainability" and its relevance to the municipality as an essential service.

Could someone explain to me why we need to support an organization (quango?) that competes against local (some internationally-known) businesses which pay taxes here, has only managed one contract other than the RMOW's in house reviews, takes up office space, forcing other municipal staff into outside portables and is actively expanding by seeking a new employee.

I am also at a loss to figure out why our municipal staff passed over to them, the up-keep of the 2020 vision that was so successfully run by staff. I suppose an extension of that is the running of the OCP. Even if some or all of the above is true, could we not cut back in this non-essential sector?

If, by the disbanding of this group and lose their salaries and benefits; would not those savings (from the Hotel tax) help lower transit deficit from either this or next year's budget? Any help in explaining all of the above to me would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Calladine



Legacy of being Australian

As a visiting "Mum" with three adult daughters "living the Aussie Dream" (holding Canadian work visas), I was quietly set back by the news of the recent death of Eleanor Reinecke. With devastating floods back home as well, one might suggest it should be hard for Aussies to resonate with the Pique 's headline "The Glass half Full!"

But the article about Eleanor's shortened but nevertheless rich life, suggests she always considered herself a better person coming from "the Lucky Country Down Under!"

Like the large contingency of Whistler Australians, she was the beneficiary of our "Spirit of Adventure," the legacy of being raised in a land of opportunity that nurtured in her the need to LIVE THE LIFE THAT WANTED TO LIVE IN HER!

As we spend the end of January celebrating "Our National Day," let's not allow it to pass as "just another Hottest 100 count down."

Let us honour the richness of Eleanor's life translating it into keeping the cup "more than full" for others in need too!

Search (for flood) relief websites to make an international donation and ensure we can all feel comfortable saying - Happy Australia Day!


Mary Stokes

West Vancouver


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