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The Whistler Composting Facility is something the community should be very proud of. Composting Whistler's biosolids is a significant step toward sustainability the community has made. A community that does not take ownership and responsibility for its most basic waste stream can't call itself sustainable.

Biosolids are nothing to be scared of; they are just a part of all of us. What is in Whistler's biosolids was at one time in all of us.

Whistler's sewage collection system doesn't have any sources of industrial contaminants, so metal concentrations in Whistler biosolids are a fraction of the allowable amounts.

Most of the metals in the biosolids are essential plant nutrients and are not accumulated in the soil.

Biosolids are the product of an extensive wastewater treatment process. There are many steps between raw sewage and biosolids.

Whistler's tertiary wastewater treatment is not simply the removal of water from the wastewater, it is a complex series of biological processes that break down organic matter and remove nutrients from the wastewater. The end product of this process is biosolids.

We are not adding biosolids to our compost; we are composting biosolids. Composting is simply a controlled process for breaking down organic matter.

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Patrick Mulholland R.P.Bio.

Whistler Compost Facility Operations Manager

Campaign pompous
I was shocked and appalled when reading the article about Lush and the Humane Society's recent campaign to ban dogsledding in B.C.

I find it so pompous, arrogant and self-centered to even think of such a thing! Here, you are so concerned (as we all were) about the 100 poor dogs that were killed last year, but are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of other sled dogs when they are put out of work should the proposed ban be successful.

How are you any better than the accused? Why B.C. alone? Why not Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Yukon, Alaska...

You are doing this all wrong - these dogs are born to run and love what they do! Try being a real hero - go after puppy mills, seal clubbers, animal testing, greyhound racing, horse racing, rabbit killing, elephant tour companies (they poke them in the rear with spears to keep them moving). Why not be proactive and ask the task force to be involved in the regulations or funding there-of.

Make up your mind - are you an activist or a soap maker, just don't open a can of worms without knowing what ripple effect it may cause, that is just ignorant.

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