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Is B.C. Transit listening?

This letter is in response to Katie Fraser's letter "Listen Up!" (Pique, Nov. 19).

I would like to thank Ms. Fraser for voicing her concern re the danger of pedestrians walking along the highway, especially at night.

The residents at the new Rainbow development have also been voicing these concerns to the RMOW and B.C. Transit for the past two months in an attempt to speed up the painfully slow process of attaching a bus stop sign to the lamppost at the entrance to our neighbourhood.

In September, RMOW staff communicated to us that temporarily the closest bus stop northbound is the Green Lake pullout and southbound is the Alpine stop. We were also advised that until a solution is in place, the Valley Trail would remain open north of Alpine to avoid pedestrians walking along the highway.

Well the Valley Trail north of Alpine is now officially marked closed and has been covered by the plows. Therefore it seems the RMOW is condoning residents walking approximately a kilometre along Highway 99 where there are no lights, lately in blizzard conditions, often with young children.

Apparently this decision has been sitting with someone at B.C. Transit to make what should be a very simple decision. All we are asking is for a sign to be screwed into a lamppost that is already there, at a merge lane which is already there, and that the buses already drive past, before someone is seriously injured or worse.

Steve Donohoe



Smoked out of shelter

Here I am yet again waiting for the bus in Alpine unable to go and shelter myself from the elements (it is winter after all - cold, wet, snowy, etc.) because someone is once more smoking inside the bus shelter. It seems irrelevant to the individual that there is a no smoking sign posted in the shelter stating it is a community bylaw and one is subject to $10,000 fine for breaking it. But then, like many bylaws in this community this one is also ignored.

And to top it off, not only does the ignorant smoker disrespect the bylaw and fellow citizens who do not want to breathe in the passive smoke, they find it okay to flick their cigarette butt into the snow. Need I remind you that the snow will eventually melt and cigarette butts will resurface only to be washed into our water ways, be eaten by an unsuspecting animal or be picked up by an innocent, curious child.

Now, the choice you make to smoke is yours even though we are in an age when we know that smoking kills, but this is not my agenda. I simply want to be able to wait for the bus in the bus shelter without having my lungs being subjected to passive smoke by an inconsiderate smoker.

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