Letters to the Editor 

My mistake

I need to point out an error in last week's letter. In the 2010 Statement of Financial Information, the total at the bottom of the column of RMOW employees making more than $75,000 is not the total of the employee's wages in the column, but the total of all the RMOW employees. The actual total of RMOW employees making more than $75,000 is closer to $8 million (the total isn't given in the Statement of Financial Information), rather than the $22,692,407.03 I used in my calculation.

While the figures in the Statement of Financial Information may be ambiguous, the conclusions I drew from them are mine, and I apologize for any confusion they may have caused.

David Buzzard





Thank you Whistler!!!

We have just been privileged to spend three weeks in your amazing resort.

We came for our granddaughter's (high school) graduation (Molly Andrew). The enthusiasm of the teachers and volunteers who arranged and prepared for graduation dinner and prom was awesome (even though we didn't get to go up the mountain as planned). The graduates looked truly splendid in their gowns and suits (God bless you, Nick).

Our granddaughter, Daisy Andrew, goes to the outstanding Myrtle Philip School. We saw the end-of-term "Air Band Show" (Wow!!). The children performed some awesome rock group songs (it really was a blast from the past), but we were all really blown away by the talented and devoted rock -star teachers (go for it Mr. Smith).

Then came the "Fun Day."  Again, the teachers and volunteers put all their time and energy into making it a great day (well done Karen Ellott!!)(Come on the Green Team and Stephanie). The dance show, Fairy Rhymes and Nursery Tales , at the Millennium Place was very professional and performed to a very high standard. Weeks of very hard work were amply rewarded.  Well done Heather (Thom) and the Vibe Dance Centre (come on the Three Blind Mice).

Whistler? No wonder you attract visitors from all around the world. Your shops, restaurants and mountain facilities are second to none. The service is friendly and helpful; the folks go out of their way to help in every way. Thank you to Ian, Darrol and Tommy at Summit Bikes for enabling me to achieve a lifetime dream to downhill on your fabulous mountain. A big shout out to all the gang at Lush and Smile Gifts (big hugs) and thanks also to Project Denim (Rock on Johnny - come on the champs (19).

Finally, thank you to Justine and Chris Andrew, Yvonne, Ruby and their fantastic friends for putting up with us.  You overwhelmed us with your warmth, hospitality and generosity. Big hugs to Andrew and Karen Ellott, Edwin and Beverley (Sam), Ginny and Mike and everyone else we had the pleasure to meet.

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