Letters to the Editor 

Memo to Mike Furey: new RMOW Chief Administrative Officer

Welcome to Whistler, Mike.

Our little town is challenged by the financial burden and problems created by the bungled complex interconnected pre-Olympic deals made between the RMOW, the province, Whistler-Blackcomb, First Nations, and  (The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games). There hasn't been a time in our short history where the public has had so little faith and trust in our local government.

You'll be hearing soon enough about the: pay parking debacle, the asphalt plant debacle, the transit debacle, the 17.5 per cent increase in property taxes for the last three years, the blown bed cap, and about our cherished library, which is now closed for two months worth of time a year.

We need a clean-up man Mike - a Mr. Clean kind of guy - someone who wasn't involved with the Olympic deal making - someone not in a state of post Olympic denial - someone who can take the turds out of the Olympic punch bowl. Here's hoping you arrive in town dressed in white with not too much baggage.

Some friendly words of advice to you as the new CAO; advice based on over a decade of council scrutiny: Always speak in soft unflappable tones, say as little as possible, make sure you tell at least a small part of the truth, let the mayor think he is running the show... remind him to use short statements like "be respectful," "you're misinformed" and "you're offside"... he'll like that -it will make him feel important.

If you get into a jam with the press or the pesky public during a question and answer time always say things like; our lawyers advised us...we're acting on the advice of our lawyers... our lawyers are cognizant...you get the drift; the client privilege thing works almost every time.

As far as official RMOW language goes remember the following: a handbook is a contract ... asphalt processing is aggregate production ... capital costs are legal costs, and bed units are just a measure of capacity - so there is no need to consult the public when we increase them.

Oh, by the way we created 174 bed units in an Olympic deal - make sure you pass the problem as far down the road as you possibly can.

Hopefully you will be on a Caribbean beach collecting a big fat pension when the shit hits the fan.

Good luck.

Stuart Munro



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