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New approach needed

The ruling, or what is better referred to as a poorly executed discretionary decision, by the Liquor Licencing and Control Board (LLCB) regarding the Jazz On The Mountain At Whistler application for a "stadium style" special occasion license is endemic of a much larger issue with the antiquated liquor laws of British Columbia. This is an issue that the food and beverage industry and festival and event organizers have been grappling with for decades.

Festivals from the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, Artrageous and the epic Barefoot Bistro's Masquarave to Cornucopia have been hamstrung by legislation that does not allow the community, or in this case the resort, to have a more significant input into the decisions that the LLCB makes regarding special occasion license applications.

A good portion of the calls I receive for help from food and beverage, and events businesses are related directly to the liquor licensing issue. This resort relies, no thrives, on the vibrancy of the events it is competing with organizers and venues from around the world to host.

Archaic regulations and arbitrary rulings such as the Jazz On The Mountain's decision are significantly diminishing our ability to compete on a world-wide scale to entice, produce and host the events that Whistler relies on for its economic sustainability.

As founding president of the Restaurant Association of Whistler, and the Council Representative of the Liquor License Advisory Committee I know the industry and the RMOW have worked hard to lobby for a change of the legislation that is crippling Whistler's ability to remain competitive in the festivals and events sector.

I am now asking you, as residents of the community and members of the food and beverage and FE&A industry to call, email, Tweet or whatever you have to do contact your provincial representatives and let them know this is an issue you want dealt with.

Our MLA, Joan McIntyre, has been supportive on this issue. The link to her website, How Can we Help page is:http://www.joanmcintyremla.bc.ca/EN/2075/

Give her your voice of support on this issue so that she can work for you on it.

Contact the Premier's office. Her contact info is online at http://www.newsroom.gov.bc.ca/ministries/office-of-the-premier/

Democracy only works when people participate in it.


Christopher Quinlan

RMOW Councillor, Founding President, Restaurant Association of Whistler


Untold benefits for Whistle r?
Everyday we see the price of gold hit new highs.

Mr. Market is voting with his feet - telling us he no longer trusts governments to manage the world's economies. Cheap money has persuaded almost every country to go so far into debt that there are only two ways out - default or inflate by printing money. In such a situation the winning formula would be for Canadian Governments to get their houses in order.

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