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Sorry to miss celebration

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Those jurisdictions, which demonstrate that they can control expenditures, will attract capital not just from within Canada but from the international community. Because such communities will be so rare in the future, they will elevate themselves above other areas not only within Canada but also throughout the Western World.

If the RMOW could get its act together and become fiscally responsible we would see untold benefits - the redevelopment of older properties, privately funded educational facilities, full employment, steady real estate prices, sparse commercial vacancies and higher real incomes throughout the community.

Our recent appointment of a new CAO leaves me wondering what we have in store for ourselves. What I see is a career civil servant without any business education or experience who is now given the central role within the RMOW.

He is likely coming to us with built in pensions from two other levels of government and whether he is accessing them now or later you can be assured he will be drawing on several fat pensions on his retirement.

I ask, "Why would he not be interested in maintaining the Status Quo?" rather than taking a radical position of making our government more efficient, downsizing our inflated municipal labour force and questioning our overly generous benefits package.

Is the public aware that the senior levels of the RMOW boosted their salaries by 25 per cent from 2007 to 2010? A time when most in the valley suffered real reductions in income. Does the new CAO know this?

Is the public aware that as capital markets decline the onus will be on us to fund the inflation protected civil servant pension funds?

Are Whistler voters aware that as returns turn negative on our Olympic Legacy Fund and the fund dries up, Whistler taxpayers will be responsible for funding the costs of maintaining our Olympic White Elephants?

It's unlikely many of us are aware of this, as it's not mentioned in the RMOW financial reports. At least there is one piece of good news - the $1 million tax break we gave the (NewYork) Hedge Fund Fortress is soon to expire -I am not sure of the date we can celebrate this, as again it's not mentioned in our financial reports.

Lennox McNeely

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