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Gary Carsen




My first reaction upon reading the letter from Mr. (Frank) Silveri to the papers, to mayor and council and yes, bewilderingly, mailed to every household in Whistler, was, "Wow, this is the act of a very desperate man."

It must be feeling hotter in his seat than the temperature inside his portable asphalt plant running at full tilt for him to embark on this wildly public appeal.

His letter is full of misrepresentation, misinformation and missing information. It's weird - you'd think a guy in the middle of all this controversy would have a better grasp of the facts. Either he really is living in a dream world of fantasy zonings and RMOW permissions, or Mr. Silveri has drastically underestimated the knowledge and understanding of the majority of Whistler residents, most members of council and followers of this issue in thinking we would take his letter at face value.

Mr. Silveri, in case you weren't aware, the rezoning application was put to a vote in September 2010 and it was DENIED. The proposed rezoning application failed. Your terminology should reflect the fact that your rezoning application is history, i.e. is no longer on the table. You say that Council should stop "continually seeking ways to delay or stop the rezoning approval process" - wake up, the process IS stopped!

And it's actually an "application process" not an "approval process"; this means it's not a foregone conclusion that approval will be granted. That's why we have public input and a council vote on rezoning applications, so they can be assessed in terms of meeting the direction, practicalities and vision of the community. Several months after council denied your rezoning application council also voted to send you a Notice of Cease and Desist and then did so, requesting you to respect the relevant zoning bylaw and stop operations at your asphalt plant due to the fact that it is NOT ZONED to be there.

If Mr. Silveri really wants to demonstrate that he's a "good corporate citizen" and "contribute to the community," here's some helpful advice. First, stop operating the portable asphalt plant while there is a Cease and Desist notice in play. Honestly, show some respect for this community and the people that live here, especially the little kids who live less than 300-metres from your un-zoned polluting asphalt plant.

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