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Second, move your plant away from residential areas and make sure you've got the proper zoning to be there (no one's trying to run you out of business).

Third, demonstrate your concern for taxpayer dollars and charge a reasonable price for asphalt. You've been cashing in on this gold mine for decades but now that we've (wised) up and stopped the whole "sole source" madness, it's time to play straight or lose the contracts (yeah, we did the math and saw a 22 per cent savings on asphalt when the RMOW put paving contracts out to tender).

Funny, you didn't have a problem with spending $178,000 in taxpayer money for the RMOW report on alternate asphalt plant sites, only for you to say "no thanks, I don't 'wanna move," or trying to get $350,000 out of the taxpayers for an upgrade in a secret agreement.

Finally, stop blaming others for your current situation. You've had it pretty good, $7 MILLION worth of muni paving contracts to your company in the last nine years, not including sub-contracted work including the famous pay-parking lots.

Mr. Silveri, if you really want to be that "good corporate citizen" you speak of, you're going to have to do something radically different. Try starting with the advice above 'cause your current approach definitely isn't working.

One last thing, please don't attack councillors Zeidler, Lamont, Milner and Forsyth. These individuals have taken the time and the effort to dig into this debacle, cut through the bureaucratic B.S. and rightfully decided what is best for Whistler and the residents of Cheakamus Crossing. They also have taken time out of their day to see your operation in full effect.
Tim Koshul


Days of our Lives

After reading ... Mr. (Frank) Silveri's letter ( Pique Aug 18, 2011), I felt like I was reading the script of (soap opera) Days of our Lives . (He) almost got me crying. But then, I remembered that every day (the) polluting asphalt plant is running, (it) put(s) the health of my co-workers, friends and family at high risk.

Even if (Mr. Silveri doesn't) believe that the emissions coming out of it are harmful (because I guess he is a tough guy and those things are not harmful to him), the nuisance that it creates is a burden for us.

On hot days I cannot open my windows and I have to drive somewhere else to go biking with my daughter. We tell our friends not to come and visit us on days the plant is running because we don't want them to be exposed to the toxins.

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