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We live in Whistler because we are outdoor people and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

(Mr Silveri's) statement that the muni is trying to put (him) out of business is a bit much, they just want to move (the asphalt plant to) a safer place for everybody. They still awarded (Mr. Silveri) the paving contracts for this summer. The muni is not (Alpine Paving's) only customer, last year (it) paved Highway 99, this year (it was) awarded the contract to pave the road to Darcy, as well as Duffey Lake road.

Mr. Silveri has been privileged to have a monopoly here for quite some time. Maybe it is time, to give back to the community and move (the) portable plant away. Yes, maybe it used to be okay being (at that site) back then.

But times change and now there is about a thousand residents living here and it is not okay anymore.

It is not like (Mr Silveri doesn't) have alternative sites - the Twin River pit, and the muni did come up with a few alternative sites that (were) refused.

I am sure that Pemberton has probably offered (Alpine Paving) a spot as well.

Funnily enough, I drove from the Rutherford area where (Alpine Paving) have been hauling some material from for asphalt processing.

I am not a genius at math but right now to pave the road to Darcy including importing material for asphalt processing is done by driving approximately 215-kilometres. If the mobile asphalt plant was at Twin River it could do all this in around 76-kilometres.

Oh yeah, I thought that one couldn't drive the asphalt from Squamish because of a cure time of about 35 minutes it would be sitting in the truck. Unless all the trucks are going at the speed of race cars, I am quite convinced that (Cheakamus) to Darcy's road or the Duffey will be a tad more than 35 minutes.

By the way isn't the point of a mobile asphalt plant, to move it closer to where you pave?  One of the reasons for refusing some sites was that there was no power, so the plant had to run on diesel and it polluted more. Really?

If (Mr. Silveri) are so concerned about pollution why subject us to it. (If Mr. Silveri is) so concerned about pollution wouldn't it make sense to try to minimize the pollution created by hauling the material? I do agree with you one (thing in the letter)- "stop wasting the taxpayers' money."

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