Letters to the Editor 

Time for compromise?

The news that Whistler Sport Legacies and Callaghan Country have been unable to reach an agreement on the sharing of trail grooming and trail access is extremely disturbing to me for two significant reasons.

Firstly, the  (2010) Olympics were bid on and carried out to enhance the local community and businesses. The exposure to the world and the additional infrastructure were supposed to do this. Otherwise we would have never have committed to spending the billions of dollars that it cost to host the Games.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Games for these very reasons. Now I read that the organization that is managing the Whistler Olympic Park is behaving in the absolutely opposite manner - it is causing hardship to the very business that pioneered the Callaghan Valley as a cross-country ski destination, and in fact helped a great deal to secure the bid for the Games when hardly anyone even knew where the Callaghan Valley was.

Secondly, and more importantly, the WSL is a (government supported) organization - it is owned by the community. It should be behaving as the citizens of the community would like to see it behave.

I have been skiing in Whistler since 1969, and have known Brad Sills for over 35 years. So I know that shortly after he arrived in the valley in the mid-70's he began volunteering with the Search and Rescue. And, that over the past 30 years he has put in thousands of volunteer hours and risked his own welfare to carry out innumerable search and rescue operations.

You only need hear a few of his rescue stories to appreciate his dedication. I mention this because I want to highlight what a selfless and integral member of the Whistler community I know Brad to be.

Now the community has to negotiate a cost-sharing agreement with him and we are treating him like dirt.

Is this the thanks we give to someone who has given so much to our community?

I would hope that the citizens of community of Whistler let the WSL know that this is not how we want them to carry out their duties for us. Surely a compromise can be reached that enhances a deserving local business and shows our respect for one of our upstanding citizens.

Len Chaston



Serious business

To all candidates and those contemplating running for mayor and council show us your resume in both local papers as soon as possible.

You want to be hired by the voters of Whistler and represent them then show us what you got to offer and we will decide who will get the job.

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