Letters to the Editor 

How about an apology letter?

(Here) is a little bit of Mayor Ken Melamed's year-end message presented at the Dec. 21 /2010 council meeting: "Our Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Bill Barratt deserves a huge thanks and enormous credit."

It looks like Mr. Barratt got his enormous credit - $208,000/yr, seven weeks of paid holidays, a car allowance of $700/month, gas, insurance, repairs, great pension and the list goes on... I hope Mr. Barratt and his fellow managers enjoyed their eight to 40 per cent raises between 2007 and 2010, as finally the community has opened its eyes to the gravy train and it looks like it's over.

I presume the Mayor won't be saying as many nice things now that Mr. Barratt is suing the taxpayers for $400,000 plus, but as Mr. Barratt has stated, "it's not about the money." If not, Bill, just accept an apology letter. Actually no letter needed as you said you "would stay on until June 30 (or longer if required)."

News Flash: not required. If Mr. Barratt actually felt that (he) truly had been terminated why did (he) attend a retirement party thrown in (his) honor to celebrate 30 years at the RMOW, accept gifts and then turn around and try and sue? Wow...

Tim Koshul



The comic view

It looks like Whistler taxpayers are going to have to "grin and Barratt."

David MacPhail

Sechelt, BC



Beware Whistler taxpayer

It would appear one egotistical maniac disguised as Bill Barratt is on the loose. His concern "that his reputation has been damaged" in the events surrounding his retirement is unfounded and he should look in the mirror. Sadly, Mr. Barratt himself has taken his reputation to the lowest possible level. His conceited, superior, overbearing, pompous, presumptuous attitude, which has been on display during his tenure as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the RMOW can only be driven by one thing, that being his feeling of self importance and who cares about everyone else.

While I don't begin to speak on behalf of every taxpayer in the municipality I am sure that most feel his money grab is unwarranted and shameful. The stigma that he has brought on himself can only add to his infamy.

Possibly the time and energy that is being put into the latest financial snatch could be better spent attempting to mend a reputation. While it may not be as profitable as a lawsuit it clearly would be easier to remain in the community.

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