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How about an apology letter?

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Do we want high-density in Pemberton? Think twice, but not for long. It is happening. Act now and not tomorrow when it might be too late.

Keep building around the Village, where easy access & sustainability makes sense. The future is "no driving."

I urge everyone who feels concerned about this subject, all outdoor enthusiasts, trail lovers, residents of the close area, to come to the next public hearing on Phase 1 of the development called Ravens Crest at the public hearing on Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Pemberton Community Center. Only the bottom part of Raven's Crest will be discussed for now. If you are affected by the proposed bylaw amendment, remember to start your talk by saying clearly if you are "in support or not" of this matter.

Luckily, the council members will be recognizing the impacts of their decisions on the residents of this healthy community.

This matter doesn't have to be rushed before the elections. This subject is highly important to most of us living in here.

Corinne Stoltz

Ivey Lake, BC



Thanks in a time of tragedy

Last week I travelled to the  Pemberton Valley. My task - deliver my daughter's mare and filly to Dreamcatcher Meadows for care and training.

Our daughter Kelly died suddenly while visiting Dreamcatcher Meadows on August 24.

Kelly was an Equine Canada Level One Coach, a competent rider who always wore a helmet and safety vest. She was riding in a safe and controlled environment moving at a trot. We have all heard stories about the basketball player who collapses and dies tragically because of a heart flutter. This is what we believe happened to Kelly.

It is a blessing of a sort that it did happen while she was doing something that she loved to do, and that she did not suffer in any way.

Which of us would not wish that for ourselves, or our loved ones? Our family is filled with thanks to John (Dingle) and Jill (Giese) who assisted and coordinated the emergency response. They acted quickly and did everything humanly possible to help Kelly.

Each of the first responders, ambulance crew, police and health centre professionals responded in a timely and professional manner. Please know that we appreciate all that you did in those terrible moments of crisis. Our hearts go out to each of you as you struggle to focus on your daily tasks putting into perspective the tragic loss of a person so young.

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