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How about an apology letter?

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While the impact of this trail on the Wildland Zone may appear to be a concern, the Rainbow Mountain Wildland Zone is currently facing much worse threat from high snowmobile use. The area has been completely overrun by snowmobiles for much of the past few winters. These screaming machines are so loud you can hear them from many kilometers away. They penetrate to the heart of the Wildland area in 21-Mile Creek on a regular basis, an area zoned non-motorized in the LRMP "to maintain the zone for quiet enjoyment by the public."

The impact of these machines is huge compared to a cross-country ski trail on the perimeter of the Wildland.

In order to preserve the wilderness character of the Wildland, stopping snowmobiles should be the first priority, not opposing the Madeley Highline Trail.

Scott Nelson



Say no to Squamish gondola idea

A gondola between the Squamish Chief and Shannon Falls seems to me a terrible idea. Instead we should build a trail that will encourage the people in our society to walk and be fully in nature.

A trail would be the most environmentally sound choice in a most holistic way. A gondola, on the other hand, would be a huge project that not only would cut down more trees, but would also use steel, power, electricity, etc, etc.

The proponents say, "they are going up to a previously logged area," which sounds like they are trying to excuse themselves for the environmental damage their project will have. Logged or not logged, tress are still precious. Its estimated that BC has only 40 per cent of its original forest, so does that make it OK to build over the remaining 60 per cent that has been logged?

I am a resident of Squamish currently visiting Colorado where I have seen hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes walking up a three-mile long trail going through the famous (and very touristy) Rocky Mountain National Park. If these people can walk, so can we.

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