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How about an apology letter?

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A trail (instead of a gondola) in the Squamish location may not benefit the pockets of the proponents, but it would benefit the health and well being of the people and the planet.

I say "no" to the gondola.

Thomasina Pidgeon




It's all about the profits

Just wondering why there is no drinking fountain at the new Nanaimo passenger terminal. I was told that it was because of health issues at the Duke Point terminal water fountain?

Not sure how that works but if that's the honest answer I guess BC Ferries has a lot of work a head of them. I guess the first place to start would be all the other terminals with water fountains should be decommissioned.

Then they can start working on all of their ships because they all have (water fountains). Maybe start with the washrooms first because having a water fountain in the washroom must be a health hazard.

But if they really want to save some money install a drinking fountain at the new Nanaimo terminal sooner than later. We all know why there is no water fountain at the new terminal; it's about selling more beverages from the vender's. In other words it's about the money and screw the health and environment by selling a lot more plastic than we really need.

Geogg Gerhart


Legal action disgusts

After the shock of Bill Barratt's civil suit wore off, I was dismayed by the news article that was published in the Pique (Sept.29, 2011 ) . I'm sure I am not the only Whistler resident who feels offended and disgusted by his legal action, after everything WE as a town have been through together.

I often see the Pique as the true voice of Whistler, publishing what the vast majority of locals are too afraid to say. However, Alison Taylor's "Bill Barratt says lawsuit not about the money" article seemed so off-base in tone, that I actually felt dejected, like my beloved news magazine and I were for once, not on the same page.

The angle of the article portrayed Barratt as a victim, when in fact WE are the victims. I ask you, who will suffer the consequences of his greed and arrogance? WE will, through taxes, parking rates, and lost services. Mr. Barratt should know the financial burdens of the RMOW better than anyone, yet while the town relishes in its final days of free parking in Lots 4 and 5, he has decided to further strain our town's budget.

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