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How about an apology letter?

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It's also still a wonderful time for our tourists to visit.

I've been coming to Whistler for 40 years now and have just reached my first anniversary living and working here full-time. Driving a taxi 60 hours per week has given me the opportunity to meet many that have come from afar to spend a few days, weeks, months or years here in the global village and valley. It's also given me the opportunity to have a close look at the transportation equation that Whistler provides for both locals and visitors, a transportation system that currently operates far from efficiently or even close to break even. Many that use Whistler Transit may not know that the system you ride upon was subsidized by federal, provincial and local governments. A new hydrogen fleet and transit system conceived and acquired at a time when the world economy was performing much better and local residential, commercial and industrial roads construction was still booming. Times were good for all back then but those times are no longer for many!

The very controversial proposition of pay parking in our village parking lots is in part to assist in paying for the great white elephant of Whistler Transit. This at the expense of many that do not use public transit and also at the expense of many taxi drivers that have been working 12 plus hour shifts to scratch out a meager living.

It's time that the mayor and council take a real look at the local transportation equation and adjust it to the new world economic reality.

Coming from a personal background of previous self-employment, I know how to make economic adjustments and I often view any business or system I am in from an operations perspective. I have been using public transportation systems extensively for the past decade in the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna and now Whistler. I can tell you that Whistler does not have the tax base to sustain the current hydrogen fleet or to provide the service it does at $2.50 per fare or $65.00 per monthly pass. Service is both over extended and undercharged for services provided. It operates in a community that has peak demand times where buses operate at over capacity and provides service at other times when only a hand full of people or less are riding south of Creekside or North of Alpine Meadows.

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