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Pay parking too costly

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Visitors seeking evening entertainment and order on the mountains and in the village would not enjoy the comparative bliss and lack of criminal elements in our towns. It is not by some miracle or coincidence that Whistlerites are able to enjoy the luxury of a relatively crime-free environment, which is comparable to Disneyland.

Consider that while you are tucking your children into bed at night and retiring to safe slumber, RCMP officers all over our country are working tirelessly to combat the onslaught of pedophiles, rapists, thieves and murderers who would otherwise target our communities. Unlike Vancouver we don't have drug addicts or rebellious gang members on our streets.

As a previous caretaker of a lodge in Creekside for six years, I had no choice but to call for assistance from the Whistler RCMP because drunken fools were either setting fire to their rooms, attempting to jump off the roof of the lodge into the swimming pool, or trying to snowboard off a railing onto Highway 99, just to name a few bizarre and dangerous activities. On each occasion, whether it was 2 a.m. or 4 p.m., the RCMP arrived to resolve these situations, often in tandem with the Fire Department. Were it not for their prompt and professional intervention, the hundred-plus guests in the lodge would not have enjoyed a safe stay in Whistler.

So consider yourselves and your families fortunate to be protected and served by such a high calibre of trained and dedicated professionals, instead of being petty and ungrateful.

Lisa Tracy Haeck



Treat Callaghan Country with respect

I have a question. (Does) the (cross-country) early bird pass include the Callaghan area as... well as the (Whistler Olympic Park)? And if not why not?

The Callaghan Country owners have given their soul for your area to become the official WOP. It's so very short sighted on your behalf to pursue this ski season without Callaghan included in your pricing schedule. You have the finances to hire lots of management. But when it comes to the essentials, incredible terrain, a beautiful B.C. park and a stunning lodge. Not so much.

You all should be (held accountable) then thrown out of your positions since you are not capable of running a world-class area with integrity and respect for others that have given so much.

I personally will not be buying your pass.

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