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Pay parking too costly

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I will be buying a Callaghan Country ski pass only.

Gail Morrison




Reconsider development in Pemberton

I am beginning to wonder if the councillors of Pemberton see the village that I moved to in the same way as I do, or if they are so blinkered by the possibility of extra development cash and offers of free land for a swimming pool/ice rink, that they can see nothing else.

The Ravens Crest development seems to be a done deal, despite the fact that the public hearing has not yet taken place, but which will be rushed through before elections in November when two members of the current council will be stepping down.

This council seems to have forgotten that they have already allowed development of up to 500 units on the Benchlands area (which is also not in the flood zone like the Ravens Crest lands), of which not even a tenth have yet been built. They seem to have forgotten the approval for Tiyata at Signal Hill, which would bring approximately 300 units close to the village. And they seem to have forgotten (although I'm not sure how considering it is a blot on the landscape downtown) that the Terrastone Crossing building will provide 40 units and is in mid-development. That's close to a thousand units right there!

They also seem to think that Pemberton is still booming, both with residents and economically, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there was massive population growth between 1996 and 2006 but since then statistics for B.C. have shown that Pemberton will grow less than the average for the province, and that's not due to a lack of housing.

You only have to take a look at the current inventory on whistlerlistings.com and you will find a variety of homes of all sizes that have been up for sale for some considerable length of time, and which have not moved despite drop in price after drop in price.

And councillors really think that building more houses will change the fortunes of Pemberton?

Firstly, you need to encourage businesses to operate here and not stop them in their tracks - yes; I am referring to the Pine View Estates saga. You also cannot rely on Whistler to provide jobs for all these new residents and you cannot rely on Vancouverites to buy a vacation home here (not that that would help the local business community on a day-to-day basis anyway).

Secondly, you simply have to allow current development to be completed before deciding if more residential units are even needed.

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