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Pay parking too costly

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As a so-called "green mayor," he betrayed his principles by vigorously defending the asphalt plant.

I do not have any agenda or belong to any interest group, but since living in Whistler no actions by any other politician, except maybe by G.W. Bush, have frustrated me so much as the mayor's actions and decisions.

I believe he may have good intentions. But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Hell? How can anybody even mention Hell in Whistler? We live in Paradise. I sometimes have to pinch myself and admit - I am in paradise.

However, it would be a perfect Hell where somebody was condemned for an eternity to endlessly wander up and down the Village Stroll without a penny in his pocket. To inhale all the tantalizing smells from restaurants, food and pizza shops and to smell strong aromas of coffee from coffee shops. To see all these crowds drinking and enjoying themselves on the patios, in pubs and night clubs and not being able to partake in any of these enjoyments. Isn't that Hell?

Sometimes it feels to me like that when I am trying to avoid temptations in order to stick to our monthly budget, battered by increasing taxes, fees and expenses.

Well, my frustrations will be over one way or another on the election night. He will be either be gone or, if the people of Whistler in their inexplicable wisdom give him another mandate, then for me there will be nothing more left to say but: "Hail to the Caesar!" before I forever hold my peace.

Drago Arh




How sustainable is the Centre for Sustainability?

Championed by Mayor (Ken) Melamed (the Centre for Sustainability) was to draw revenues from other governments for Whistler's insights into environmental sustainability.

Under the Freedom of Information Act I asked for the gross revenues from other municipalities for the years 2009 and 2010. Williams Lake paid $174,612 while the four other municipalities listed on the Centre's web site were only good for $15,000 total. There are five employees at the Centre with three making over $75,000, with the Executive Director at $129,543.64 in 2009.

Oddly the Centre's employee salaries did not appear in the RMOW SOFI report for 2010.

I asked about this also and got back: "In 2010 the Centre's financial structure changed and as a result the RMOW no longer administers the Centre's daily operating costs and therefore, Cheeying Ho's remuneration was not included in the ... report."

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