Letters to the Editor 

Where is the vision?

I have been checking in on the coming municipal election with real interest. It's great that Whistler has so many people who care enough about its future that they want to run for mayor and council this year.

However, I've got to say that I'm struck by how parochial so much of the debate is. Where's the vision? Where's the inspiration? In tough economic times it's easy to focus only on short-term problems and scapegoat anything that doesn't seem to be of immediate benefit.

I think that real leadership in these kinds of times is about dealing with current challenges while keeping an eye on the community's vision, dreams and aspirations. There is lots of talk about "overspending" at municipal hall,  "unacceptable" tax increases and the need for local government to focus on "core services."

What I haven't heard much about is how Whistler can continue to build on the great successes it's achieved, how it can maintain and sustain its amazing public amenities, and how it can continue to be an incredible place to visit and live in.

The people who articulate that kind of inspirational vision - and have the game plan to make it happen - are the kinds of leaders I'll be voting for.

Kevin Washbrook


Venue too small

Monday night was the first time in almost 40 years that I have missed an All-Candidates Meeting - thanks to the Chamber for choosing Millennium Place. It was far too small a venue. Did the Chamber not notice that there are 25 candidates in the running for municipal offices and that there is a lot of interest in this election? What happened to Whistler Secondary, or the Conference Centre? Why was Millennium Place chosen? I was there just before 5:00pm and still couldn't get in. Along with many others who couldn't get in, I was very disappointed.

John Hetherington


I endorse Nancy for mayor

Reading the first "Letter to the Editor" last week ( Pique Nov.3) shocked me a bit given that so many people are running for mayor and council. I wondered how many "Letters to the Editor" you are expecting given you took the time to allow someone to endorse a specific person? If that's the case I would like to endorse Nancy for mayor.

Reading Mr. (Tim) Wake's comments from Bowen Island made me wonder if he's actually been following the local council meetings and newspapers since his departure. His endorsement included that Ken should be the mayor again because "he's best positioned to pull a new team together and get the RMOW back on track." Well Ken had a "new" team three years ago and that obviously didn't go so well and does anyone in Whistler believe he was able to steer us "on track"?

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