Letters to the editor for the week of September 20th, 2012 

Thinking about thanks

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Gratitude. Defined in Webster's dictionary as, "thankfulness; conscious of benefit received." It's the conscious part that made me think. It's one thing to reap the benefits every day of never-ending summer days, unconditional love of your dog, a husband who makes the bed for you, a child who randomly shouts, "I love you mom" from her bedroom, but how many of us step out of the effortless into the effort of consciousness?

I have a bumper sticker on my car from a restaurant named Cafe Gratitude that asks "What Are You Grateful For?" It is a great sticker because it creates the conscious effort of thinking about your personal gratitude statement for the day.

When I picked up my car this week from Randy at Podium Auto Detailing in Function (yes, that's a plug for Randy — he is awesome and I'm grateful for him and the amazing job he did of making my 4X4 look brand new!), he said to me that he had enjoyed listening to people comment on the sticker and automatically make gratitude statements about their neighbours, the weather, etc.

Recently we were able to reap benefit from the "gratitude wall" posted in the village during the Wanderlust yoga weekend. Actually we all reaped benefits just from the presence of the yoga weekend taking place all around us.

And all this has brought me an idea that I'd like to propose to all of you gratefully living in Whistler.

Don't get me wrong, I too have beefs and write them into our beloved editor who allows us to vent. But what if we inundated our paper with one-liners of gratitude, enough to fill a page or two. And please — one-liners. Simple, sweet, kind gratitude statements. Wouldn't we all reap the benefits of gratitude to read an article filled with appreciation and thankfulness.

I know from doing this daily that it's hard to keep it to just one. I'm grateful for this never-ending summer. I'm grateful for the 20-foot putt I sank this week, and happy partners to play with. I am grateful that my husband makes the bed, helps unload the dishes, takes the garbage and even feeds "my" dogs. I'm grateful every time my daughter shouts from her bedroom "I love you mom." I am grateful for the local farmers who have provided us with a plethora of delicious and nutritious produce all summer. I'm grateful to live in a town that allows us all to be who we are and enjoy our lives to the fullest expression. I could go on forever with the gratitude that this town lets us consciously reap the benefits from.

What are you grateful for?


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