Trails require reinvestment

There seems to be a feeling in the community that the commercial bike tour operators are ripping up our trails and not contributing to the ongoing maintenance for the resource.

This is not true and I would like to shed some light on the positive end of this stick.

Last year WORCA was approached by two companies, Bear Back Biking and Ticket 2 Ride, as to how they could get more involved in maintaining the trails and getting their guests involved with the local community. In particular Jonny Lloyd and Mark Knight of Bear Back Biking have been not only keen to help but have been integral in helping out with local trail maintenance and grass-roots events.

I think it is great that we have people coming from all over the world to ride our trails and use their own energy to recreate and get around the valley. They are constantly amazed at the network and community that we have here and are spending hard earned cash to ride in the area.

I feel that shuttling is not good for the trails and if you can't ride up you don't deserve to ride down. If you want this type of experience I strongly suggest you spend your time in the Whistler Bike Park as we are not keen for this type of traffic in Whistler, or Pemberton for that matter.

I strongly believe that all tour companies must contribute to keeping our trails in good stead and that not only goes for the commercial bike tour companies but also the hiking and dog walking businesses who all use the trails as well.

I also believe it is time for the hotels and accommodation sectors, along with Tourism Whistler, to buck up and get involved as they are the businesses in town who benefit the most from these tourist dollars. There is a certain responsibility that comes with the marketing of a recreational product — which is maintaining and looking after the resource. I look forward to seeing TW and their members pulling out their wallets and energy to get involved for the long term.

The Whistler Bike Guide is contributing $.50 from each copy sold towards the trails and is proud to do so.

Grant Lamont

Past President, WORCA

Pug Wedding takedown

Before I begin my rant, I would like to thank everyone who donated their time, services and money to the Pug Wedding fundraiser July 7. If I started to list everyone it would take up a full page. From the venue to the food, cake, decorations, party barge, music etc., etc. — the community really came together to make this the truly ridiculous spectacle that we had dreamed of. Until the cops came, of course. Most people probably know the whole sordid story by now. In fact it's been a full time job telling the incredulous public what happened.  Here are some helpful suggestions so the next pug wedding WAG fundraiser doesn't suffer the same fate.

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