Make it safe

“The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill and lingered until….” Somebody died.

All winter I walked from the Brio bus stop along the poorly plowed shoulder of Highway 99 to cross at the Blueberry lights. All winter I cringed at the thought of being hit by a car. All winter I watched the snow creep closer so that by December I was walking on the white line of a highway where the speed limit is 60 and where there are drivers who have never even seen snow let alone have driven in it.

Then it was summer and I realized that no matter what season or which side of the road you walk on, the Brio Blueberry bus stops are death traps!

All it takes is a second, changing a CD, looking away from the road to check out the view or poor weather conditions. Something needs to be done so that the tragedy that happened this week does not happen again.

Extend the Valley Trail (like the one in Creekside) with a guardrail separating the cars from the people who are simply trying to get home. We all know it is possible to blast through rock!

This tragedy could have been avoided. Instead of focusing on erecting more hideously ugly yellow what-chama-whos-its perhaps someone could make it SAFE for people to walk home to their families. If the Whistler Council members and their children were forced to walk this route, even once, they would realize how appalling and just plane dangerous it is to force citizens to walk along the shoulder of a major highway.

Do something Whistler!

Andrea Mueller


Tragic death preventable

It totally sickens me how the municipality sees fit to waste a gazillion tax dollars to build a grandiose structure of a library in Whistler and even justifies the ridiculous cost, yet won't spend a dime on streetlights on the 99!

First of all this is Whistler! Council’s first and foremost responsibility is the safety of its denizens. It is a tourist destination, not a cultural centre like New York or London etc... In the age of Internet, with Amazon and chain bookstores, why of all things waste our money on such a frivolous and costly venture? I am not against a modest library, but there are way more important priorities!

This death on the highway, as sad as it is, may have been prevented with proper lighting!

My sincerest sympathies go to the taxi driver and the family of the victim. All the books in the world don’t amount to the worth of those two tragedies...


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