Slow down and live

As I tuck my two children into bed tonight I thank God for them and I am thankful to have them safe and secure in my home. It’s these small blessings in a mother’s day that makes us so grateful for life.

After such a horrific week on the roads out here in Pemberton my heart goes out to the families of the victims, they were someone's children too!

I am infuriated and frustrated by the drivers on the highway, as I am tailgated, passed on double lines and scared out of my mind on a daily basis. My message to you all, is simple, SLOW DOWN! I don't think it’s fair that you are putting my life and that of my innocent children at risk by driving so fast, wild and crazy on OUR roads. Yes, they are OUR roads to share; you don't own them. Is it really worth it, that extra one or two minutes that you'll gain by driving at breakneck speeds? I think not.

Please take a moment to breathe, slow down and live this wonderful life that we have been given. It’s a gift; don't throw it away. Think of all the people that will be affected if you cause a fatal accident!

We are human, not invincible! Take care out there neighbours.

Natalie Klimmer

Birkenhead Lake

Whats happening to Pemberton and Mount Currie? This year alone there have been 11 fatalities on our roads. This has touched so many lives. Mine included. Just can’t understand what is going through people’s heads, drinking, speeding and getting behind the wheel.

Wake up everyone. We all care about one another in this small community. We all have very big hearts. Help those that need it! Give advice to your children. (Don't buy them booze.) Take all your friends’ keys away. Have a designated driver. Don't use excessive speed. Companies, teach your employees.

Everyone needs to help everyone or soon we will be having more deaths from our loving community. Wake up everyone. Life is short as it is.

Kelly Quinn


Notes from the road

To the person who was in Squamish last Monday night around 7, when you are driving the Whistler Smart car at 80 km/h in a construction zone with a posted 50 km/h speed limit, who pays the double speeding fine if you get pulled over?

On a lighter note. Did anyone else notice the sign announcing the new gas station being built in Squamish? Wouldn't it be great to have just two stations here in Whistler? I guess there just isn't enough demand. Just like more staff housing.


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