Godzilla in the mountains

Re: Upstaging the Games (Maxed Out, Sept. 27)

Sorry Max but turning the Peak to Peak gondola towers into space ships?   It’s so Battlestar Galactica…

Here’s the winner! We scoop the Vancouver Park Board’s rather pedestrian idea of rubber dinosaurs in Stanley Park by covering the structural skeletons of the Peak to Peak in elaborate papier mache. Bam! —   Mothra, Godzilla and friends come alive before our very eyes — for free!

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights we witness a beyond scale recreation of the classic Japanese horror film, Godzilla vs. Biollante ( yes, the sequel to Return of Godzilla, 1989 ).

“Imagine” (copyrighted phrase), laser and propane flames shoot into the starry night sky from the behemoths’ mouths and along the cable as they battle for domination of the gentle sleeping valley below.

Along the practically invisible cable(s) stretching across the chasm, representative terror stricken and defenseless tax payers/citizens tremble beneath the beasts’ power while paying tribute and homage.

In daylight, the cables run into and through the mouth of the monsters/towers where, using the best of Hollywood special effects; half-digested and dismembered bodies lie in terrifying repose.

Just at the work-shopping phase…

B.K. Buchholz


International alliance building

Re: Upstaging the Games (Maxed Out Sept. 27)

OK G.D., The Principality of Whistler has the full support of the Republic of Brackendale in howsoever etc. etc.

Also, hearty congratulations on the advent of the newest realized polity in the corridor. We heard Whistler had a Saudi Prince so Principality works for you. The only Prince we have is a relentless stick-hound so we went with Republic in the spirit of the Latin Respublica , (Res = concern, publica = people). Good Luck and let us know how we can be of assistance.

Julie Malcolm

Chargé d'affaires

Republic of Brackendale

Creating our Games

Last week's "Maxed Out" struck a chord with me. Like most other Whistlerites, I am ecstatic about our opportunity to host the Olympics. But my enthusiasm fades more and more with each press release by either VANOC, the municipality, or Whistler-Blackcomb. I don't see any creativity in the planning, nothing that will make our little town stand out in people's minds in the future. It seems that it will be the same old village with a few million bucks worth of fanfare, and a few retail shops that will be bought out by the corporate interests.

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