The people’s Games?

I have spent several hours thinking about how to word this letter in a pro-active manner rather then sounding completely negative. Time and time again I read in the Pique about how the people of Whistler make Whistler what it is today, and after living here almost 11 years I agree. I have some of the most amazing friends that I would never of had the chance to meet if I never moved to this town.

As the Olympic presence approaches us, lack of housing for "the people that make this place" becomes a harsh reality. I know of several people, and a family that have lived in their residence for quite some time, that have been given there notice for the Olympic time frame. Do not get me wrong I realize the profit that can be made in that period could pay a huge chunk of someone’s mortgage.

Has the municapilty planned for this? I forsee a tent city in Lot 1/9 full of all the hard working people that bust there humps day in and day out to live in this wonderful place I am so fortunate to call home. I find it unfair that the people that do not own property, that have paid there monthly rent year after year, and the average Joe are going to get completely screwed over, as this Olympic machine moves closer and closer to its arrival date.

Buy a warm sleeping bag and a good tent people, you’re going to need it!

Paul Rowe


Can we afford it?

Re: Lot 1/9 fundraising to hit the ground running

After carefully considering all the factors around the RMOW actively fundraising $18.2 million for the iconic structure that is planned to be a part of the celebration plaza, many reservations come to mind. First of all, for $20 million we could not build a sledge hockey arena and to get the extra 15 or so million to make that project viable was not in the cards. However now we have found the energy to go out and raise over $18 million for a structure that has no real purpose except for being “iconic” and the $14 million in the budget is not enough.

Now I recognize the importance of a structure that is pleasing and appealing to the viewer on TV and no doubt the structure that is planned is impressive and will be memorable to TV viewers across the world and even us. But can we afford it? Can we afford the time and energy it will take to raise the money? At all the community meetings I have been to, it has always been emphasized that what makes Whistler unique is that as a resort, it is a community that addresses the needs of its citizens first. People I meet say they like coming here because it is a community. People I meet when asked why they choose Whistler, especially in the summer, say for the mountains, the nature and the trees. They say it is world famous for its beauty and nature. Wow that is “iconic” in my books.

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