Conned, disgusted and homeless!

As you all know, accommodation for the winter season is very hard to find. So when we came across a house in Whistler Cay Heights available for rent at a reasonable price we thought it was too good to be true. And it was!

After signing a lease and handing over almost $5,000 we moved into what we thought was to be our home for the next six months. Two days after moving in we found out that the lady we had rented the house from was a con artist. She and her partner had lied to our faces, taken our money and skipped town. We were devastated to find out that we now had nowhere to live for the season, plus the fact we were ripped off.

Luckily for us the owner of the house is a good bloke with a big heart and has let us stay in the house for the last three weeks whilst looking for other accommodation. Thank you so much!

Having lived in Whistler for a year we have heard of bad housing stories but never anything this extreme. Whilst we have all her details and have reported this to the authorities we will probably never see any of our hard earned money again. We are disgusted that someone could be so heartless, blatantly lie to our faces and take advantage of us. As a result we may have to leave Whistler, which we have called home for the last year, and head home due to the lack of housing.

We are all hard working young people employed in Whistler and were looking forward to another fantastic winter season. So beware if you are looking for accommodation — there are bad people out there looking to make a quick buck with no morals. If anyone knows of any accommodation available for four honest, hard working, responsible people we would be so grateful.

Owen Paul


Made to feel at home

This letter is to express our sincerest gratitude to the Whistler Community Services Society. WCSS is responsible for a wide variety of services in the community, such as the Reuse-it Centre and Food Bank. A service not so well known is their interim housing program. A generous local B&B owner provides her establishment each year for a small fee to house some of Whistler’s desperate house hunters. This very affordable seven-week program has just ended for 2007. Happily there has been good news for most of us on the housing front. Search techniques such as Nick’s sign “Room Needed, Help Me Stay in Whistler” as he handed out candy in front of Nesters on Saturday, brought forth the generosity of people in the community. Without this innovative program our Whistler dream would have ended sooner, rather than later.

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