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The Swedes are also big on incinerating garbage (municipal and industrial) to generate electricity and heat. With modern technology, pollutant emission is well below the tough EU environmental standards. By contrast, we truck most of our garbage to landfills. I know of only one small incinerator in the Lower Mainland (in Burnaby).

I think we should follow the Swedish example. The sooner we switch to renewable and sustainable energy sources, the more carbon we would leave in the ground and the less new carbon dioxide we would force feed into the atmosphere.

Joe Bako


A couple things overlooked

It was with a great deal of interest that I read the article in this week’s Pique regarding the term to date of our present council. What I found most interesting was the omission of two rather large capital projects.

First, the sewage treatment plant, at a whopping $51 million (if there are no cost overruns). During the 2006 referendum the P3 proposal was defeated, much to the chagrin of our council and staff. Did anyone ever determine who paid the bill for the two-page scare ad that ran in our local papers during that adventure?

Number 2 in the omissions column is the $34 million iconic Lot 1/9 project. Wouldn't that money be better spent on a sports medicine clinic housing state of the art medical equipment (CT and MRI come to mind) and a full sports fitness and rehab centre?

Failing that, the elimination of the present Lot 1/9 proposal, might help in bringing the budget back in line without too much fuss or muss.

Give it a thought guys and gals. It might be just the thing to get the target off of your backs.

Bill Overing


Iconoclast attacks icon

Ever since Olympic fever has taken over Whistler and the province in general (remember not so long ago, the dynamic dinosaurs?), enthusiasm has been in high supply.

In a recent issue of Pique Newsmagazine there was a photo of a “roof-like structure intended for Lot 1/9”. I can hardly believe that this structure is being taken seriously (maybe it will self-pollinate and then quietly fade away…).

This design defies the basic precepts of architecture. I support iconoclastic design and I am certain that were this to be built it would change the image of Whistler, as for the most part the town is an architectural non-event. But I am not sure that this change would be in the right direction. A high school student could have done better.

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