Male Impact 

What: Male Impact

Where: Boot Pub

When: Saturday, May 10

In the interests of balanced and fair entertainment, the Boot Pub, both adored and abhorred for its steady stream of steamy female strippers over the years, has decided it’s time to give the girls something to gawk at. They’ve booked some hunky hulks known as Male Impact, appearing Saturday, May 10 for one night only.

These four Alberta Adonises are dancing, waxing and weight lifting their way across Western Canada to rapturous calls for more. We caught up with two of the muscular movers, Chris Klein and Jason Lee, to find out the perks, the pitfalls, the reality and the fantasy behind being a male dancer.

Imagine having hundreds of women screaming your name. Imagine girls begging you to get your gear off. But think about the down side too (no pun intended). You have to break dance in a piece of strategically placed spandex. And learn how to do seductive moves in that same skin-tight number – and all to chick songs.

There are girls wanting to tear at your tiny trunks, slap your butt and worse. Think about the hours you’ll need to spend in the gym getting in to tip-top touchy shape, plus the choreography and pyrotechnics that bring broken bones and burnt bits too. Oh yes, it’s a dangerous occupation but these guys are giving it their all.

Pique: How did you get into male stripping?

CK: It was in my first year of university at a local club where they had just had a ladies night. Some of the performers were still there and asked me if I’d be interested in giving it a try. They gave me a business card and 48 hours later I was having an interview with the owner of the company and another 48 hours later I was performing.

JL: I was break dancing at a club and things started to get intense on stage as we all started to pull out our power moves. I couldn't get the rotation for one move because the friction on the floor wasn't right. I took off my shirt and used it like a glove to fix the problem and then pulled off the move with some real finesse. People were screaming and someone yelled "take it off." I just burst out laughing and walked off but was approached by an owner of some male dancers and that is where it began.

Pique: Any misconceptions about male stripping you'd like to dispel? Like is it really a big shag fest after the show?

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