Master of the Mike 


On a mission to shake up the world

Who: Mix Master Mike

Where: Savage Beagle

When: Friday, March 7

Any fan of the Beastie Boys would know the rap: "Three MCs and one DJ, we be getting down with no delay, Mix Master Mike what cha got to say?"

But Mix Master Mike is more than just a DJ in the biggest rap band in the world boys and girls, he’s also the creator of the legendary Invisibl Skratch Picklz. He’s a sensational solo artist currently touring behind his latest solo album, Return of the Cyklops .

He’s the Mohammed Ali of mixing, winning more titles than any other scratcher on the planet. He’s the Bruce Lee of the turntables, scratching fluidly but at a frenetic, unpredictable pace. His tracks intertwine rockin’ beats, funked up jazz samples and hip hop artistry. He lays the tracks you know and love but cuts them up, chews on them and spits them out as futuristic sounds.

His creative craziness attracted the Beasties and was enough for Guns n Roses frontman Axl Rose, to invite Mike to open their tour. But is it enough for MMM himself? This man is a machine who’s on a mission for world domination and taking in Whistler on his path.

Pique : Most people say that watching a Mix Master Mike show goes a lot like this: you listen, your jaw drops, you stop, wonder, think and then go nuts. How do you come up with these ideas that work everyone into a frenzy?

MMM: (laughter) Right on. I want people to hear something different. I’m totally futuristic minded so that’s my approach when I get in the studio or I’m making shit up live – futuristic and timeless. Something that’s not the norm, something that shakes you up.

Pique : Do you practise a lot or is it all on the spot?

MMM: All the years of practising are now stored in my head so nowadays most of it is improvisational and just comes out naturally. That way bootleggers out there recording my set won’t ever get the same thing. Ha, ha!

Pique: How’s life with the Beastie Boys these days?

MMM: We’re gearing up to do shows right now actually. We’re doing the Tibetan Freedom concert in Japan and Taiwan and a festival in California called Coachella. These shows are hopefully going to give us prep for the next record.

Pique: Do you ever say to yourself "holy crap, I’m in the Beastie Boys"?

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