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MMM: Ha, ha! Yeah sometimes but y’know it’s really just another outlet to my career. I come in three forms. There’s the crew I formed called the Invisibl Skratch Picklz, from that I hooked up with, the Beasties and then there’s my solo efforts. I give my full attention to all of them, even when I’m on my own. I’m always dropping a line that I think would suit each project and leaving shit on the Beasties’ or the Picklz answering machines and going ‘check this out’.

Pique: So what’s the difference between the projects?

With the Skratch Picklz we’re more like a group, acting like a scratch orchestra. Being with the Beasties, well they’re a legendary, world famous rap group which is an incredible experience and we’re always taking it to the next level. Actually in all three projects that’s my mission, to take it to the next level.

Pique: You sure do. As a turntablist you just finished supporting the Guns n Roses tour. How was that?

MMM: It was amazing. You’ve got a lot of rock heads, so it was like converting this whole new crowd of people and showing them what the turntables can do. It felt like class was in session for those fools out there and I was to show them what was going down with hip hop.

Pique: Where do you see turntablism going?

MMM: I kinda like where it is right now. You can buy it, you can see it but it’s not everywhere. When we start to see some crazy stupid commercials for McDonald’s or Heineken using scratching, that’s when it will become bullshit. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll walk into a supermarket and see a DJ scratching. It won’t get me mad but I’ll start to wonder where it’s all heading.

Pique: You do a lot for the next generation. You started up the International Turntablists Foundation, you do a lot of workshops with kids. What keeps you motivated in that regard?

MMM: I guess just being true to the art, not taking it in a way where it’s all about making money. You want to show kids that there’s something else to do than getting in trouble. It’s like the whole hip hop breakdancing era, instead of turning to trouble they would break, now it’s the same approach but in a musical form. The turntable is outselling the electric guitar in some places.

Pique: What qualities do you need to be good at turntabling?

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