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MMM: Definitely takes a lot of hand eye co-ordination but you also need a real love of all types of music. I’m not just a DJ, I’m a musical historian. Scratching comes from taking a bit of everything like jazz, old rock, hip hop and tying it in. It’s a universal art form so you need to get into the study of music. That’s what I did, I studied a lot of John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Hendrix and studied the way they played their instruments and I try to adapt that to the turntables.

Pique: You’ve won heaps of awards but what’s the title that means the most to you?

MMM: My first title, the 1992 Battle For World Supremacy in New York City. That was the highlight, to be the world champion at DJing. It made me want to battle everybody until I just can’t battle anymore.

Pique: So tell us some of the secrets behind your famous scratches?

MMM: There’s the Zig Zag which is playing the turntable like a percussive instrument and waving the record back and forth with two hands really fast, creating a zig zag pattern. It’s crazy. Something you gotta see. Then there’s the infamous tweak scratch where you turn the power off and manipulate it with your thumb.

Pique: Is it still your mission to covert people to the wonders of scratching?

MMM: My mission, my brigade is to show the world that the turntable is a musical instrument. We play the turntable as violin, drums, keyboards and everything else that’s out there.

All presale tickets to Mix Master Mike are sold out but 100 tickets will be available on the night for $20 each. It’s a case of first come, first served from 7 p.m. DJ Death Star Dub and DJ Tanner are opening.

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