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But it won’t happen that way. The stumbling, stuttering, heavy-lidded, earnest young person who screws up the courage and idealism to get involved in this effort will, more likely than not, be ignored and marginalized. The big decisions will be made by people who don’t have to worry whether their landlords are going to jack up their rent to leave-town levels next year or whether their employer is going to cut back their hours because business is a little slower than expected.

The crucial decisions will be made by and for Trend 1 people – second home owners who drive the real estate market – not Trend 3 people, the ones providing the service to the more service-intensive destination resort.

That’s too bad because the future of Whistler is, in may respects, the same as the past. It’s the people, stupid. The future of Whistler belongs rightly to the idealists, not the property owners, of today. They have the least to lose and are more likely to make the best decisions about what keeps a place vibrant and exciting.

If you want to see what’s wrong with Whistler and what we ought to be fixing, turn the page. The biggest threat to the continued success of this resort is right there, in full colour. $7,900,000. $3,950,000. $2,975,000. $1,399,000.

The people who buy those homes – my generation – don’t give a rat’s ass about this place; few of them will actually live here. They don’t give a rat’s ass about whether Jean-Luc is living in a house with nine other people and all 10 of them are being hosed by their landlord. They don’t give a rat’s ass whether all the Jean-Lucs live in Pemberton, Squamish or Outer Mongolia.

They only care about themselves.

Get involved. Take back your future before it’s pissed away by a generation that’s squandering theirs.

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